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Well....back to the oral surgeon later today to get repacked. Both my mom and my aunt said they had dry sockets when they got their wisdom teeth out....and they both said it took about a month to heal. UGH! What a pain (literally).

I am babysitting for Melissa's cousin's little boy today....he is 2 1/2 and he is cute as a button. So excited about everything and he laughs so loud you can't help but just laugh yourself. What a sweetie-pie.

Oh...I have some kind of exciting news....I qualified for my Associate CIW certificate....should be getting it in the mail soon. I am pretty excited about that. The associate cert. is just the starter level in the CIW program (CIW Certified) -- to really get anything out of it you have to continue on in one of their tracks. My next move is to take the Site Designer exam....I should be able to do that without any training, just my own studying. After that I am not sure if I will go for the e-commerce and be done as a Master Site Designer, or go for the gusto and take the language and server classes and be a Master Site Manager. All depends. But I know I will at least do the Site Designer exam because I have 80% of that knowledge already so it seems stupid to not give it a go. I have been digging up free online resources to bone up on my skills so I can take that exam in the near future. If anyone knows of any good resources it would be great if you would share them with me on the forums! I already have a bunch of links....but you can never have too many. Also, if anyone has the official study guides I would be willing to buy them off of you if you are done with them (but, I am a cheapskate...so it's gotta be a hell of a bargain, lol).

I am also 'babysitting' for Melissa's dog Isis again. Melissa's husband's aunt died and they are in California for the funeral....which is how I ended up with her dog and her cousin's little guy. But I gotta say, both of my visitors are happy and making my day a little brighter....they are fun to have around. But....I now have to go buy dogfood. My dog eats so little that one bag lasts us forever. Isis eats so much that what we had is now gone after one day (would have lasted us a week or more)....LOL. But, when you think about it, Duke is a weiner dog and Isis is a Doberman.....huge difference. Amazingly they get along pretty well. And, of the two, the problem causer is my dog. He keeps thinking he has to assert himself, so if Isis tries to play with him he ends up freaking out. But for the most part they co-exist quite peacefully. What is funny is that Isis thinks she is a lap dog. She has no problem hopping right up into bed with me......she weighs over a hundred pounds (if not, real close). It is so funny. Big moose dog with the heart of a pussycat. Duke is so jealous. He slept on my pillow last night because he wanted to be sure he had the best seat in the house. But I snuggled him nice to make him feel better. Silly dog. Doesn't he know how much I love him.

My papa is in the hospital right now. He is recovering from aortic valve replacement surgery. The surgery went ok, but his recovery is going a little slow. My papa's breathing isn't very good and he is still on oxygen. He has had asthma as far back as he can remember and a touch of emphysema for a few years. He quit smoking almost 30 years ago and is the most active and healthy senior I have ever met in my life. This is the first real health problem he has had. Until 2 years ago he was still chopping all his own wood for fires every winter, then he moved to just splitting it himself....he golfs 3 days a week...and does all his own yard work. Not bad for almost 80. But for some reason he isn't recovering very well from this surgery. I am keeping him in my thoughts....my papa is one of my favorite people, I love him dearly. Anyone willing to send a little prayer in his direction please do so. Thanks. :)

Anyhow.....time to start my day.....

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Well, went to my follow up and I do have dry sockets in both of the extraction sites. He packed them with that nasty dry socket paste. I have never had that stuff before....my lord it tastes and smells absolutely horrible! I thought I was going to vomit on site. But it is supposed to make things feel a lot better -- he said give it an hour or two and I will notice a major difference. And...he sent me home with another script for pain meds. This doc...damn, he is pain med happy....good quality in a doc, LOL. Never have I had someone push scripts on me like that. He asked if I needed more and I said, 'ya know, I am not sure...it depends on how this packing works'....and he hands me a script and says he might as well just give me more anyhow. I told him I didn't come close to using this much medication after my hysterectomy and he said that is actually not unusual...dry socket pain is very intense and not easily controlled by medication. Ok...whatever you say doc...just keep writing those scripts. :)

I am supposed to keep this packing in until Wednesday and go back in for another appt. at which time they will take it out and evaluate whether I need more packing or if I am healed enough to be done.

I am still in pain, and now on top of the pain I have this icky, icky taste in my mouth that isn't going away because it is from the packing. Blech! Oh well....if it helps, it is worth it.

Catch you later....

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I was feeling fine the other day, and was waiting for a package delivery and grocery deliver and a few important phone calls.....so I decided to reschedule my followup appointment with the dentist for Friday instead. Well....today (and part of yesterday) I am feeling pretty horrible. I put in a call this morning and I think they ok'd more medicine to tide me over until my appointment....but the pharmacy says they still have not heard from them. I am about to call and check it again. Yep....those pharmacists are probably sitting there thinking to themselves 'got another vicodin addict here jonesing for her meds'......


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I don't know if I mentioned or not, but I am a sub for Melissa's bowling team and I bowled last night. Basically, I suck....LOL. What is strange is that my score is never the lowest on the team.....but my skills are so bad that I still gutter often and still get those outta-nowhere strikes.....so I bounce back and forth and basically look like the total amateur that I am. At least 6 times last night (3 games) I guttered on my first roll....and then knocked them all down beautifully in my second. For some reason I just couldn't figure out how to get it like that on the first try, lol. And....I pulled the all-time worst move of all......throwing the ball while the pin guard was down. Yes my friends....I was a total idiot. Then the woman next to me told me that she had done it before too. That helped me feel a little better. Of course I guttered on my next ball.....the pressure was too high after that. Haha.

Anyhow.....I am still drinking my coffee.....

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Ohhhh.....Aaaahhhh.....I am such a geek. I just played around with the free Coffee Cup Wireless Web Builder and built a little WAP website. For now, you can see it by going to the main page of my site and using the applet emulator. That applet expires in 10 days though (and costs wayyyy too much) so I am looking for another applet (one that isn't gaudy or plastered with banners...tough chore). Anyhow....it is a very (very, very, very) simple little site.....but still kind of cool that I am now available on the mobile web. Hahaha. For those who would rather just pull out your phone and give it a whirl....the URL to get the WAP site is http://liquescent.com/wap.

My mouth is still sore....follow-up appointment today. The swelling is down a lot, looking almost normal. My lips are still swollen because they are numb and I keep hurting them. The inside of my mouth is all chewed up too. :( But....it is getting better and it will keep getting better.....right?

Anyhow....that is about it for now.....

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Still feeling like crap. Only....I don't seem to care so much when the Vicodan is hitting me, LOL. I am still not going out in public for a while though. I think it bothers me more that my lips are so fucked up....they just look so weird. I have been slathering Bag Balm on them constantly because they hurt and are chapped so bad. My throat has gotten very sore and it hurts to swallow....just one more thing in standing between me and a decent meal. I am still drooling because I am numb on one side....it is hard to drink because I can't feel the can/cup on one side of my mouth. Very bizarre. Nothing like this happened with my upper wisdom teeth. Damn these pesky lowers.

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I am trying to eat some lunch right now. It is some noodles. I can eat them without chewing and once I get them in my mouth it isn't a problem. It is getting them in my mouth that is hard. The left side of my lower lip is completely numb still, my jaw won't open more than about 3/4 of an inch. So, I can slide a fork with about two noodles on it at a time in there. This is slow going. At this rate my food will be cold by the time I get to the last of it.

The left tooth was harder to get out, there was bone cutting and it was wrapped around a nerve. So, the left side of my face is very swollen and has a beautiful bruise on it. I am numb on half of my lower face because of nerve bruising (though, that doesn't seem to cut down on the pain I am feeling, lol). I don't think I will be going out in public until this bruise goes away....I look like a battered woman. My lips are all swollen and beat up looking too. When I first came out I looked like Angelina Jolie....Sam said I had serious DSLs....rofl. Now it is just the lower lip that is swollen and sore and discolored.

Anyhow....so far that is my experience. The surgeon called to check on me today and said not to be surprised if I ended up with dry sockets since there was so much trauma to the left side of my jaw because that tooth was so badly impacted. Great. At least he is generous with the pain meds....vicodan 10/650, #20....not bad for oral surgery.

Well....off to finish my noodles......

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I am claiming burn-out. It happens. I am fine....I just haven't thought much about computer stuff in a while.

Let's see....anything goin on here I can update you on? I am getting my bottom wisdom teeth extracted on Monday morning....ouch. One of them is getting abcessed and is bothering me. Neither one of them ever broke the surface so I ignored them until they couldn't be ignored any longer. Shouldn't be too terrible....I am going to sleep for it.

Melissa's hubby is in Vegas this weekend with a couple of his friends so she and I are having a girlie sleepover tonight at her house. I am looking forward to it. We are going to watch movies, and give ourselves pedicures, have a few drinks, ya know....just girl stuff. Ya know what? I am lucky I have a husband who understands that women have a special bond with their best friends...and that for women it isn't strange or weird to have a sleepover when you are a grown adult. A lot of guys wouldn't understand. My guy is pretty great. :)

I started babysitting for a neighbor boy 3 days a week. His mom came over and asked, her sitter quit on her and she was in need of someone. I couldn't say no. Turns out he is a very good kid and not much trouble at all to watch. So, at least it is a little extra money....which always helps.

Well....going to finish up my coffee and then head out to pick up my prescriptions (antibiotic and pain meds to get me through until my appointment on Monday). See ya later.....

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I am definitely hearing and seeing military-type planes circling the Phx Metro area....kind of creepy....but a little bit comforting at the same time. *shivering*

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I suppose it is time I reacted to the recent events here in the states. Horrible, heinous, twisted, surreal. I am not sure where the last two days have gone....and that is the case with many people I know. It is like we got sucked into a time warp. We are pretending to return to life....but we aren't really just yet. It is a stiff imitation. No one is relaxed yet. I woke up at 6:30 on Tuesday morning, went to the bathroom and headed toward the kitchen to start my coffee when the phone rang. It was Melissa telling me to turn on the tv.....just in time to see the first of the towers collapsing. I was frozen. I sat down in the middle of the floor and just stared at the tv. Within 10 minutes I had called my husband, gramma and my mom to tell them I love them.

When I was on the phone with my mom I got a call on the other line....it was a New York area code (talking call waiting, it said 'New York 516'). I don't know anyone in New York. I answered it and the woman just started asking how particular people were. I interrupted her politely and said that I was in Arizona and I think she got a wrong number....but the whole country was watching it unfold on the news and our hearts go out to everyone involved. She sounded confused...she was in Long Island trying to call someone else in New York....she has a nephew who is a police officer in the city and she was trying to find out if he was ok. I told her that the news kept saying how the phone lines in NY were really tied up and this was probably a mix up, and that if she was having trouble making calls that I would be happy to try making some calls for her. She thanked me, but said it was her first try and she would just keep trying. I told her that she would be in my heart and so would her nephew and to take care. That phone call affected me deeply....it was so real and tangible.....I was numb and helpless. There was nothing I could do to help that poor woman who was away from danger, but desperately wishing to know if her loved one was unharmed. I didn't even get her name or number.....I have no way of knowing how the story ends.

I still haven't figured out how to get back to life yet. How do you just go back to grocery shopping and laundry and stuff? It doesn't feel right. Then again.....whether or not it feels right some stuff just can't wait.....like grocery shopping. Mother Hubbard's cupboard is bare.....gotta hit the store today and at least get a few things. Anyhow.....America is a fabulous place.....things like this, as tragic as they are, wake us up and remind us that we take our freedom and comfort for granted. My life is good....I am thankful for it. I love my family and friends. We shall triumph.